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Yaroslavl Zoo for foreign visitors


   See animals native to the Russian lands as well as those from distant parts of the world at Yaroslavl Zoo. The landscaped zoo is home to a variety of species living in large enclosures designed to recreate their natural habitats. In addition to the more common residents like wolves and bears, you can see rare and endangered animals such as Amur tigers and white lions. Children will have fun at the play area and interacting with the small, cuddly animals at the petting zoo. Facilities include a cafe and a parking area for visitors.

  The outstanding feature of Yaroslavl Zoo, one of the youngest in Russia, is the animals’ living conditions. The Zoo is more like a landscape park where 250 species live and propagate their kind under simulated natural conditions.
The inhabitants of Yaroslavl Zoo include lions, cheetahs, bears, wolves, deer, kangaroos, camels, zebras, bison, storks, ostriches and other faunal forms. The exotarrium with mustangs, macaques, meerkats and turtles is styled on a tropical forest. Domesticated animals: goats, pigs and rabbits live in a petting zoo. There is also "The Ark" demo training center in the territory of the Zoo, where you can see insects, birds, fish and reptiles and even touch snakes, not poisonous of course.

   Entry prices for Yaroslavl Zoo:

   Adults - 250 roubles
   Children (7 - 14 yaers) - 150 roubles
   Free admission: children (up to 7 years of age), disabled people, families with three or more children

   Please remember: the Zoo is an establishment of increased danger. Your safety and that of the Zoo’s inhabitants is dependant on your following certain rules.

   Zoo rules. The visitors of the Yaroslavl Zoo are not allowed to:
   1. Feed the animals;
   2. Enter service and building areas;
   3. Climb over the fences and let children stand on the safety barriers;
   4. Enter the Zoo premises with the pets;
   5. Cause disturbance, play radios or tape recorders, etc.;
   6. Tease and touch the animals.

   Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
   All visitors breaking the rules of Yaroslavl Zoo will be fined.

The animals in the Zoo are fed on carefully prepared and balanced diets, but nevertheless it is natural for some animals in captive environment to beg for food. Feeding animals with sweets, bread and other treats can make them ill and even kill them.

   Shevelyuha str., 137
   150007, Yaroslavl
   GPS coordinates
   57.6774247591106, 39.8998975753784

   Phone (english-speaking managers):
   +7 (485) 2710107